Muslim boy names with meaning in English are here. 2900 plus Arabic and Asian Muslim baby boy names with meaning are listed here.

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Muslim Boy Names with meaning starting from “A”

Being a parent you have always wanted a good name for your baby boy if it’s a boy, here are some of the most popular names for Muslim baby boys with their beautiful meanings.

Go and find a unique name for your Muslim baby boy with its meaning.

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Here are the unique boy names with meanings starting with A.

unique boy names from a
unique boy names from a
AdamThe first prophet of Allah, and the first human being send to the earth.
AabdarBright, Like glass
AadheenObedient, Submissive
AadhilHonourable Judge, One who judges Fairly.
AalamThe world, the universe
AaliHigh, Tail
AalimScholar Plural is ulama normally used for religious scholars.
AamilDoer, Workman
AaribHandsome, Healthy
AarizLeader, Ruler, Leader of the nation
AarzamWar, Battle, Quarrel
AasaalEvening Time, Real, Pure
AashiqAdorer, Lover, Suitor
Aashiq AliAdore of Ali
Aashiq MuhammadAdore of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
AashirLiving, Spending a life
AasirCaptivating, Fascinating
AatiqFree, Liberated, Independent
AsufGuest, Fragrance, Lion, Name of a Sahabi
AazimIntending, Determining, Resolved on
AbahatCorrect, Accurate
AbanOld Arabic name
AbasinThe Indus River
AbbasA furious lion, The uncle of the Holy Prophet(PBUH)
AbbadA great worshipper of Allah
AbboodDevoted worshipper of Allah
Abd Al-AlaSlave of the High
Abdul AakhirServant of the Last
Abdul AdalServant of the Just
Abdul AfuwServant of the Forgiver
Abdul AhadServant of the Only One(Allah)
Abdul DaarServant of the Depriver
Abdul AleemServant of the All-knowing (Allah)
Abdul AwwalServant of the First One
Abdul AzimServant of the Mighty (Allah)
Abdul AzizServant of the Almighty
Abdul BariServant of the Creator
Abdul BadeeServant of the Inventor
Abdul BaisSlave of the one who raises from death
Abdul BaqiServant of the Everlasting (Allah)
Abdul BarrServant of the All-benign
Abdul BaseerSlave of the All-seeing
Abdul BasitServant of the Expander (Allah)
Abdul BatinServant of the Inward
Abdul FattahServant of the conqueror (Allah)

Muslim Boy Names starting with abdul

Abdul GhaffarServant of the All-forgiving (Allah)
Abdul GhafurServant of the All-forgiving
Abdul GhaniServant of the All-sufficient
Abdul HaafizServant of the Guardian (Allah)
Abdul HadiServant of the Guide (Allah)
Abdul HafeezServant of the Guardian (Allah)
Abdul HakamServant of the Arbitrator
Abdul HakeemServant of the All-wise (Allah)
Abdul HakimServant of the Judge (Allah)
Abdul HalimServant of the All-element (Allah)
Abdul HameedServant of the All-laudable (Allah)
Abdul HannanSlave of the Merciful Forgiving
Abdul HaqServant of the Truth (Allah)
Abdul HaseebServant of the Reckoner
Abdul HayyServant of the Living (Allah)
Abdul JabbarServant of the All-compeller
Abdul JalilServant of the Exalted (Allah)
Abdul JameServant of the Gatherer
Abdul JamilServant of the Beautiful (Allah)
Abdul JawwadSlave of the Most Bountiful
Abdul KabirServant of the Great
Abdul KafiServant of the All-sufficient (Allah)
Abdul KarimServant of the most generous (Allah)
Abdul KhabirSlave of the one who is aware
Abdul KhafizServant of the Descender
Abdul KhaliqServant of the Creator (Allah)
Abdul LatifServant of the All-gentle (Allah)
Abdul MaalikServant of the Owner (Allah)
Abdul MaaneServant of the Withholder
Abdul MajeedServant of the All-glorious (Allah)
Abdul MajidServant of the All-glorious (Allah)
Abdul MalikServant of the King (Allah)
Abdul ManiSlave of one who prevents
Abdul MannanSlave of the Benefactor
Abdul MatinServant of the Strong (Allah)
Abdul MoakhirServant of the Retarder
Abdul MoezServant of the Honourer
Abdul MohsiServant of the Surrounder
Abdul MomitServant of the Death-giver
Abdul MoqitServant of the Energizer
Abdul MubdiServant of the Originator
Abdul MueedSlave of the Restorer, the Replroducer
Abdul MughniServant of the Enricher
Abdul MahaiminServant of the All-preserver (Allah)
Abdul MuhsinSlave of the Benefactor,
Abdul MuhyeeSlave of the One Who gives life and sustains it
Abdul MuidServant of the Restorer (Allah)
Abdul MuizSlave of the Honourer, the Exalter
Abdul MujibServant of the Answere (Allah)
Abdul MuminServant of the All-faithful (Allah)
Abdul MunimServant of Benefactor (Allah)
Abdul MuntaqimServant of the Revenger
Abdul MuqaddimServant of the Promoter
Abdul MuqeetSlave of the Sustainer
Abdul MuqsitSlave of the Just
Abdul MuqtadirServant fo the Omnipotent(Allah)
Abdul MusawwirServant of the Fashioner (Allah)
Abdul MutakabbirServant of the Superb
Abdul MutaliServant of the Highest (Allah)
Abdul MutiServant of the Donor (Allah)
Abdul MuttalibThis was the name of the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Abdul MuzanniHe was a narrator of Hadith
Abdul NafiSlave of the Propitious
Abdul QabizServant of the Withholder
Abdul QadeerServant of the Powerful (Allah)
Abdul QadirServant of the Powerful (Allah)
Abdul QahharSlave of the Dominant
Abdul QahirServant of the Subduer (Allah)
Abdul QawiServant of the Mighty (Allah)
Abdul QayyumServant of the Eternal (Allah)
Abdul QuddusServant of the All-Holy (Allah)
Abdul SattarThe Servant of the Protector
Abdul ShakoorServant of the All-thankful (Allah)
Abdul VajedServant of the Finder
Abdul VakilServant of the Implementor
Abdul WaaliServant of the Inheritor
Abdul WaaseServant of the Vast
Abdul WadoodServant of the All-loving (Allah)
Abdul WahhabServant of the All-give (Allah)
Abdul WahidServant of the One (Allah)
Abdul WaliServant of the Comrade
Abdul WarisServant of the Survivor
AbdullahServant of Allah, Slave of Allah, Name of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Father
Abdun NaafeServant of the Giver of Gains
Abdun NasirServant of the Helper (Allah)
Abdun NoorServant of the Light
Abdur RabServant of the Lord (Allah)
Abdur RafiServant of the Exalted
Abdur RahimServant of the Most Merciful (Allah)
Abdur RahmanServant of the Most Gracious (Allah)
Abdur RaoofServant of the Compassionate
Abdur RaqibServant of the Observer (Allah)
Abdur RasheedServant of the Right-minded (Allah)
Abdur RaufServant of the Most Kind (Allah)
Abdur RazzaqServant of the All-provider (Allah)
Abdus SaboorServant of the Patient (Allah)
Abdus SalamServant of the All-Peaceable
Abdus SamadServant of the Eternal (Allah)
Abdus SamiServant of the All-hearing (Allah)
Abdus SattarServant of the Veiler of Sin (Allah)
Abdus SubhanServant of the Glory (Allah)
Abdus SuboohSlave of the Extremely Pure
Abdush ShafiSlave of the Healer
Abdush ShaheedServant of the Witness
Abdush ShahidSlave of the witness
Abdut TawawabServant of the most forgiving (Allah)
Abduz ZahirServant of the Overt
AbidWorshipper, Adorer, Devout
AbidullahWorshipper of Allah
AbirAroma, Strong
AbradHail, Mail
AbramNeed, Strong grip
AbrarObedience, Gift
AbrashSpotted, Speckled
AbrazShow, Unfolded divulged mystery
AbreeqGlittering sword
AbsarVision, Sight
AbsatWide, Spacious
AbshamA tree that has a scent
AbteenFather of Faridoom (a king)
Abu AyyubA well-known Sahabi who had received the honour of offering hospitality to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he migrated to Madinah.
Abu BakrThe first Caliph of Islam, Father of the young camel
Abu DardaFamous Sahabi of Rasoolullah PBUH
Abu DawudAuthor of one of the Sahih Hadith
Abu HanifaFounder of the Hanafi school of thought/ Islamic Law
Abu HurairahA great Sahabi who is the narrator of many Ahadith
Abu HuzaifaA famous Sahabi of Rassolullah PBUH
Abu JuhafaA Sahabi of the Holy Prophet PBUH
Abu MahzoorahName of one companion of the Prophet of Allah
Abu MasoodA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr
Abu SaeedFather of dignified, name of the Sahabi RA
Abu TalhaA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr
Abu TalibFather of Seeker, name of the Prophet PBUH uncle.
Abu TurabAn attributive of Caliph Ali.
Abu UbaidahOne of the Ten companions whom the Holy Prophet PBUH has declared as the people of Jannah
Abu YousafName of a great jurist and pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah RA
Abu ZarA great Suhabi of the Prophet of Allah
Abul AlaaFather of glory
Abul BarakatFather of blessings, Blissful
Abul BasharFather of mankind
Abul FarahFather of joy, happy, glad
Abul FarajPossessor of comfort, father of comfort
Abul FathFather of Victory, Victorious
Abul FazlEndowed with bounty, Grace
Abul HaisamA Sahabi, Also a great scholar of history
Abul HasanFather of Hasan
Abul HassainFather of Hussain, Caliph Ali
Abul KalamFather of speech, Eloquent
Abul KhairFather of good work, Virtuous
Abul MahasinFather of Virtues, Merits
Abul QasimFather of Qasim
Abul YumnFather of Happiness, Happy
AbyanClearer, More distinct
Abul YusrA great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr
AbyazWhite, Bright, Brilliant
AdawiA grandson of Sayyidina Umer RA
AdeelCorval, match
AdeemThe surface of the earth, Soil
AdhamBlack Horse
AdheenFollower, Devotee
AdibWell-mannered, Courteous, Polished, Man of letters
AdilJust, Upright, Righteous
AdnanA descendant of Ismail
AetishamPreserving oneself from sin
AfandiNoble, Master, Lord
AfaqA verse that has depth like skies
AfeefPure, Chaste, Pious
AffanModest, Father of Caliph Usman
AfhamWisdom, Prudence
AfifHonest, Upright
Affif-ud-DinVirtuous of religion (Islam)
AfkarDestitute, Poor
AfrazMove higher, be taller
AfridiA cast of Afghans
Afroze Lightening, Enlightening
Afsar-ud-DinAdorning the religion
Aftab-ud-DinSun of the Religion (Islam)
AftarBreakfast of east
AfzaalKindness, Grace, Favour
AghaHonourable Person
AghlabSuperior, Supreme
AhadOne, Unique, without a partner, Name of Allah
AhdafAim, Goal, Target
AhkamStrong, Durable
AhmadullahI praise Allah
AhmarRed Coloured
AhmedThe most Praised, One of the names of Prophet PBUH
AhrazProtection, Piety
AhsabNobler, More Respected
AhsanBetter, Superior
AhsanullahFavour of God
AhwasContracted or squinting Eyes
AhyanEras, Ages, times
AhzabHe was a narrator of Hadith
AizaadExtension, Excess
AjaamForest, Tree
AjawidOpen-handed, Generous, Noble
AjlahBald, Hairless
AjmalMore Beautiful, Extremely Beautiful
AjtabaFavourite, Selected
AjwaadIntelligent, Talented
AjwadBetter, More Generous
AkbarGreater, Honourable
AkeemWise, Intelligent
AkhlaqGood manners, Morals
AkhmasBrave, Valiant
AkhramClever, Active
AkhtarStar, Good luck
AkhundThe honorific title of someone learned in religious matters.
AkifDevoted to, Dedicated to
AkilIntelligent, Thoughtful, One who uses reason
AkmalMore complete, More perfect
AkramMore generous, Nobler
Al AbbasDescriptive of a lion, name of the Prophet’s Uncle
Al AminAn epithet of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Al BurhanThe proof
Al FaizName of a Fatimid Caliph
Al MamoonSeventh Abbasid Caliph (813-33)
Al RafiOne of the of Allah
Al SafiClear, Pure, Fine
Al SiddiqThe truthful, Title of Abu Bakr (RA)
Al-ud-DinThe glory of religion, Excellence of religion (Islam)
AlaaHeight, Elevation
AlamgirWorld conqueror
AlamzebWorld Beauty
AleemLearned, Scholar, One of the names of Allah
Aleem-ul-HudaBanner of Guidance
AleemuddinA learned person in religion
AlhanEloquence, Good voice
AliHigh, Lofty, Sublime, Eminent, Excellence
Ali AsgharInfant son of Imam Hussain who attained martyrdom in the Karbala when he was a suckling baby.
AllahGift of Allah
AlmanKind, Willin and Wiseman
AltafKindness, Grace, Favour
Altaf HussainKindness of Hussain
AltairThe flying eagle
AltamashFront-line army
Top 50 names for boys starting from A
AlwazLight, brightness
AmaadPillar, Post, Support
AmaanTrust, Safety, Security
AmaniWish, Aspiration, Hope
AmanuddinTrust of Religion (Islam)
AmanullahCare of Allah
AmarWork, Problem, Order
AmeerChieftain, Ruler, Prince
AmidudduwlahSupport of state
AminTrustworthy, Faithful, Reliable
AminuddinTrustworthy in religion (Islam)
AmirProsperous, Civilized, Full of life
AmjaadGlory, Honour
AmjadMost glorious, Most distinguished
AmmarVirtuous, Devout, Tolerant
AmroOld Arabic name
AneenGood, Hello
AneesIntimate, Friendly
AniqNeat, Elegant, Smart
AnsaarFriend, Supporter
AnwaarNoor, light, Glow, Gleam
AnwarMore bright, More Radiant
AnwarulkarimLights of the Beneficent (Allah)
AnzarHaving a good eyesight
AqeelInsight, Mind, Intellect, Wise
AqibSuccessor, An Epithet of Prophet PBUH
AqleemRealm, Government
AqmarBright, Brilliant, Luminous
AqrabNear, Close
AradName of an angle
ArafatA plain twelve miles southwest of Makkah where pilgrims spend a day performing special worship of Allah during the Hajj.
AraizNational Leader
ArayshShadower, Owershadower
ArdalanArdalan is an Iranian Kurdish Dynasty
ArdamBrave, Boldman
AreebWise, Intelligent
ArifLearned, Expert
ArhamKind, Generous
ArkanSupport, Pillar
ArqamWriter, The best recorder
ArselTo send, To ship, Dispatch
ArshSky, Roof
ArshadMostly righty, Guided, Most reasonable
ArshanStrong and brave man
ArshaqHandsome, More Elegant
ArwahMore delicate, More gracious
ArzangAn ancient wrestler
AsaadHelp, Support
AsadullahLoin of Allah, Title of Ali (R.A)
AsbaghColoured animal, Huge flood dyer
AseedIbn Yazid, A narrator of Hadith had this name
AseelSon of an elite family
AseerPreferred, Noble, Exquisite
AsfaTanned sunburned
AsgharYounger, Smaller, Minute
AshabReddish, Blond, Fair
AsharWise, Prudent
AshfaqKindness, Compassion, Sympathy
AshjaMore Courageous, Braver
AshkanHealthy, Hearty
AshrafMore honourable, nobler
AsifName of courtier in the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman who is noted for his intelligence
AsilOf noble origin, pure, pristine
AsimProtector, Guardian, Safe
AsjadGold, Jewel
AslamVery safe, Safeguarded, Better, More complete
AsrarSecrets, Mysteries
AstaanThreshold, Gateway
AtaGift, Present, Favour
AtabukProtector, Guard
AtalHero, Leader, Guide
AtaullahGift of Allah
Ataur RahmanGift of the Merciful (Allah)
AteebPious, Clean
AtharPurer, More virtuous, Meticulously nest and clean
AtifCompassionate, Affectionate, Sympathetic
AtiqAncient, Noble, Antiquated
AtirFragrant, Aromatic
AttaboakTeacher, Defender, Guide
AttarFragrance Seller
AtufAffectionate, Kind-hearted, Loving
AtyabScrupulously clean, Refined, Most Noble, Excellent
AurangRoyal throne, Wisdom, Understanding
AurangzebOrnament of the throne, A person befitting the throne
AusafVirtues, Merits
AwadReward, Compensation
AwaisNaim of a saint
AwaizDecorated, Decked
AwalmirPrime chief
AwanFriend, Supporter
AwfGuest, Fragrance, Lion
AwwabSincere repentant, Supplicant
AwwalThe first, One of the names of Allah
AyaanGift of God
AyaatSign, Verse of the Quran
AyaazA trusted slave of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
AyatullahSign of Allah
AydinBrilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the Moon
AymanLucky blessed, Right, Fortunate
Aynal HayatFountain of Life
Aynun NainFountain of blessing
AyyubA Prophet, The Biblical Job
AzaadFree, Liberated
AzaamSubmission, Prostration
AzaanCall of the Pray, Strength & Power
AzamGreater, More important, Most exalted, Faithful
AzbakIndependent, Autonomous
AzfarMost Victorious, Winner
AzhaarFlower, Blossom
AzhafCourageous, Elite

Unique boy names starting with ‘B’ with meaning

Unique boy names for Muslims start with ‘B’ and has a good meanings. So here we go

Muslim boy names starting with B
Muslim boy names starting with B
BaadiDistinct,, Evident, Plain, Clear
BaarJust, Pious
BaareBrilliant, Superior, Outstanding
BaariOriginator, Creator
BaariqShining, Lightning, Bright, Illuminating
BaasirSeering, Wise
BabikLaw, A king Name
BabrakLittle Basilica Flower
Badiul AlamUnique in the World
Badiuz ZamanThe genius of the time
BadrFull moon
Badr-e-AlamThe full moon of the world
BadranThe most beautiful
BadriOne who took part in the battle of Badr
BadruddinThe full moon of religion (Islam)
BahaBeauty, Glow, Splendor magnificence
BahauddinThe glow of the religion (Islam)
BaheenExalted, Great, Noble
BahhasEXaminar, Scholar of research
BahiShining, Brilliant, Splendid
BahirDazzling, Brilliant
Bahiyud DinRadiant, Brilliant of the religion (Islam)
BahjatSplendours, Delight, Joy
BahmanName of the 11th month of the Iranian calender
BahramMars, a king
BahuRod, a Saint’s name
BajalaHonoured, Venerated
BakeetLover, Paramour
BakhitLucky, Fortunate
BakhshGift, Fortunate, Give, Forgive
BakhtLuck, Fortunate
Bakht RawanRunning Luck
BakhtawarLucky, Fortunate
BakurPrecocious, Early coming
BalayCornice or Eaves
BaleeghEloquent, Learned, One who is qualified in the art of speech
BaleelMoisture, One of the Prophet PBUH companions have this name
BalighEloquent Vivid
BaqaSurvival, Immortality, eternity
BaqiPermanent, Everlasting, Eternal
BaqirFierce lion, Abounding in knowledge, Learned
BarakatBlessing, Good fortunate prosperities
BarakatullahBlessing of Allah
BareedMessenger, Partner
BareeqGlitter, Flash, Luster, Brightness
BarniYoung, Grownup
BarqashA bird whose voice is very charming
BarraqFlashing, Bright, Brilliant, Glittering
BasanOne who uproots fully
BasaudExalted, Blessed
BaseerSagacious, Vision
BaseeratInsight, Wisdom
BaseetVast, Spacious
BasharMan, mankind
BasharHerald, Bringer of glad tidings
BasharatGood news, Glad tidings
BashirHarbinger, Bringer of good news
BasilBrave, Bold, Valiant
BasitOne who stretches, Enlarges
BasrEye-sight, Wisdom, Sight
BatalBrave, Champion, hero
BatinInward, Secret, Esoteric, One of the names of Allah
BayazidName of a saint
BazFalcon, Eagle
BazirEducated, a great person
BazishAggressive, Hardliner
BazlPrize, Reward
Bazlur RahmanThe generosity of the All-merciful
BedarWakeful, Attentive, Enlightened
BedaruddinAttentive to the religion (Islam)
BehlolLeader, a famous saint
BehnamReputable, Honorable
BehrangGood colour
BehrouzFortunate, Lucky
BehrozSacred, Noble
BeramFun, Eid, Enjoyment
BilalWater, Moisture, Freshness, River, Sea
BinyaminName of the brother of Prophet Yusuf
BirrahGood Deed
BishrJoy, Happiness, Cheerfulness
BornaYoung, Youthful
BulandHight, Upward
BuqratAn ancient physician
BuraqHorse of the Prophet (PBUH)
BuraydCold, Mild
BurhanProof, Evidence
Burhan-ud-DinProof of the religion (Islam)

Muslim boy names starting with C

Muslim names starting with c is very rare though I have written some names below… Most of the Muslim boys’ names start with ‘C’. Over the internet are also English names that are why I am not adding any English name here.

Muslim boy names starting with c
Muslim boy names starting with c

Asian boy names with meaning starting with D

Pakistani and other Asian boys names with meaning starting with d names for boys are here.

See also  Boy names that start with g
DaanishWisdom, Learning, Science
DabirRoot, Origin, Ultimate
DaboorMorning breeze
DafiqActive, Jubilant
DahhakOne who laughs much
DahiLion, Rapid
DaibHappy fellow
DaiyanA mighty ruler, Judge, Protector
DakhilForeigner, Stranger
DalerBrave, Valiant
DalilGuide, Model, Leader
DanaWise, Learned
DaniNear, Close
DaniyalA Prophet of Allah
DaraPossessor, Sovereign
DarabBig gate, Admiral
DarakhshanBright, Shining, Pearl-like
DarimThis was the name of a narrator of Hadith
DarmanCure, Treatment
DarrakWise, Prudent
DarveshHoly man
DastgirProtector, Saint
DaudiA flower
DawarRuler, Judge
DawlahRiches, Happiness
DawoodA Prophet and Father of Prophet Suleiman. In Bible, he is known as David
DayimEverlasting, Perpetual, forever
DaylamName of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
DayyanA mighty Ruler
DhakirOne who remembers God frequently
DhakiyIntelligent, Bright
DairAn expensive wood
DidarVision, Sight
DihyahCommander of troops
DilawarBold, Brave
DildarCharming, Beloved
DinReligion, Fath, Belief
DirarOld Arabic name
DiwanThe royal court, Tribunal of justice
Diwan MuhammadCourt of the Prophet Muhammad
DiyanJudge, Leader, Captain
Dost MuhammadFriend of the Prophet Muhammad

Muslim Baby boy Names Beginning with e

Unique Muslim baby boy names starting with e and their meaning.

muslim boy names starting with e
Muslim boy names beginning with e

Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With F with Meanings

I am excited to write Muslim baby boy names starting with f with meaning because my name is also starting with f… that’s Faizan Hussain, well, you can see the meaning of Faizan in the list.

Muslim boy names starting with f
Muslim boy names starting with f
FaarisHorseman, Rider, Cavalier
FaaizVictorious, Triumphant, Successful
FaghirA flower name
FaheemIntelligent, Erudite, Judicious
FahmiIntellectual, Intelligent
FaidBenefit, Advantage, Worth
FaiqExcellent, Outstanding
FaisalUmpire, arbitrator, Decisive, Sword, a Judge
FaizSuperabundance, affluence, Grace
Faiz-e-RabbaniPossessing divine surplus
FaiziEndowed with superabundance
Faizul AnwarAn abundance of light or graces
FaizullahAbundance from Allah
FajrDawn, Rise, beginning, start
FakhirExcellent, Superior, Magnificent
FakhrGlory, Pride, Honour
Fakhr-ud-DawlahThe glory of kingdom/state
Fakhr-ud-DinPride of the religion (Islam)
FalahSuccess, Prosperity
FalihFortunate, Lucky, Successful
FaozVictory, Advantage
FaqeedRare, Special
FaqirPoor, One renounces the world i.e. Sufi
FarahatJoys, Delights
FarajComfort, Relief, Repose
FarasatPerception, Sagacity
FarazAscent, Height
FarhalProsperous, Bounteous
FarhanGlad, Happy, Joyful
FarhatCalm, Satisfaction, happiness
FariTall, Towering, Lofty
FaridUnique, matchless, precious
FaridullahUnique of the religion (Islam)
FaridunThree times strong
FarihHappy, Delight
FarizPromising, Determined
FarjadExcellent, Eminent in learning
FarmanOrder, Decree
FarmanullahOrder of Allah
FarookhSprout, Shoot, Young (Bird)
FarooqOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood and right from wrong. Title of the Caliph Umar (RA)
FarqadTwo bright stars of Ursa Minor
FarrokhzadHappily born
FarrukhBeautiful-faced, Happy, Auspicious, Fortunate
FarzadSplendid birth
FarzamWorthy, Befitting
FasihEloquent, Fluent, well-spoken
Fasih Ur RahmanEloquent (by the grace of Rahman i.e. Allah)
FasikhSuccessful, Bounty, Blessing
FatanIntelligent, Sagacious, Smart, Clever
FatehVictory, Conquest, Success
FathiOne who wins victory after victory
FathullahVictory granted by Allah
FatihOne who eases difficulties, Conqueror
FatinClever, Fascinating
FattanCharming, Bright
FattoohThe little conqueror, Diminutive of Fattah
FawwazWinner of victory after victory, Successful
FawzanSuccessful, Salvation, Victorious
FawziTo do with success
FayyadOverflowing, Generous
FayyazMost bountiful, Munificent
Fayzul HaqThe grace of the truth i.e. Allah
FazilAn accomplished person, Knowledgeable virtuous
FaziuddinBounty of religion (Islam)
FazlFavour, Grace, Kindness
Fazle IlahiBounty of Allah
Fazle MawlaBounty of the Lord (Allah)
Fazle RabBounty of Lord
Fazle RabbiBounty of my Lord
FazliKind, Graceful, Bountiful
FazlullahBounty of Allah
Fazulul HaqBounty of the Truth i.e. Allah
FidaSacrifice, Redemption
FuadThe heart
FudailExcellent in character
FurooghSplendour, Light, Brightness
FurqanCriterion (between right and wrong), Proof, Evidence
FutuhVictories, Conquest
FuzailDiminutive of Fazl

Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With G with Meanings

Muslim baby boy names starting with G with meaning are here with the simplest way to navigate it.

muslim boy names starting with g
Muslim boy names starting with g
GauharJewel, Noble, Germ
GhafurMost forgiving
GhaiyyasHelper, Reliever, Winner
GhallabEver victorious
GhaniRich, Wealthy, Prosperous
GhassamPrime, Vigor (of youth)
GhatrifLeader, Brave, Noble
GhazanHoly War Fighter
GhazanfarLion, the title of Caliph Ali
GhazwanOne on an expedition, to conquer
GhiyasDeliverance from hardships, Succorer
GhufranPardon, Forgiveness
Ghuncha GulBunch of flowers
Gohar TabShining like bead or stone
Gul BazPlaying with Flowers
Gul HashamFlower Name
Gul janGul- Flower, Jan- Life
Gul RangColour of Flowers
Gul YarLoving Flowers
Gul ZamanZama- Times
Gul ZarFlower Garden
Gul-e-RanaA beautiful flower
GulbarShedder of flowers, Generous
GulfamRose faced
GulshanA flower Garden

Arabic names starting with H for boy

Best Arabic names starting with h for the boy are written here. You will find unique and best Arabic names starting with h.

muslim boy names starting with h
Muslim boy names starting with H
HababAim, Goal
HabeelName of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS
HabibBeloved, Dear, Friend
HabibullahFriend of Allah, Dear of Allah
HadadJoy, Noise
HadayaGifts, Presents
HadiOne sho leads to the right path, Guide
HafeezGuardian, Protector
HafizullahRemembrance of Allah
HaiderLion, Title of Caliph Ali
HakamArbitrator, Judge
HakanPolitics, Leader
HalimPatient, Tolerant, Clement
HamdanThe one who lauds, Extols
HamdastFriend, One who remains close
HamdiCommendable, Of praise
HameedullahServant of the All-laudable
HamiProtector, Patron
HamimClose friend
HamizIntelligent, Brilliant, Smart
HammadPraising (Allah)
HammanEnergetic, Active
HamzaLion, Name of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle
HamzadComrade, Companion
HanfiSchool follower
HaniJoyful, Happy
HanifA true believer, True faith, Upright
Hanifud DinTrue of religion (Islam)
HaninYearning, Desire
HannanCompassionate, Merciful, Affectionate
HanzalahA famous Sahabi from the battle of Uhud
HaqqiA person who upholds the truth
HareefAcrid, Pungent — (تیز)
HarisVigilant, Guardian
HarizStrong, Secure
HaroonChief, Protector, Brother of Prophet Mosa AS
HasanHandsome, Beautiful, Good-looking
HaseebRespected, Esteemed
HashidOne who rallies people, Crowded
HashimOne who smashes or breaks anything to pieces, Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
HashmatPrompt, Magnificence
HasibNoble, Respected, Highborn, esteemed
HasifJudicious, Wise, Prudent
HasimDecisive, Definite
HaskAcme of Mountain
HasnainThe two Hasans, Hasan and Husain, the two sons of Caliph Ali and it is used as the name of one Person
HassanVery handsome, Beautifier
HasshirAn assembler
HatemJudge, Justice, Decider
HatibA wood collector
HatifPraiser, A voice from heaven
HawshabA son of Imam Muslim had this name
HayyanLively, Energetic
HazarAttention, Ready
Hazim Frim, Resolute, Energetic
HeeradAppearing Fresh and Healthy
HibatullahGift of Allah
HibbanHaving too much flesh, Angry, Outburst
Hidayat-ul-HaqGuidance of the Truth (Allah)
HidayatullahGuidance of Allah
Hifzur RahmanRemembrance of the Beneficent
HilalCrescent, new moon
HimayatProtection, Safeguarding, Sheltering
HimmatAmbition, Endeavour, Resolution
HishamBeneficence, Generosity
HozaifahA companion of the Prophet
HubaabBubble of Water
HubaishWell known bird, Name of a Tabi
HudhayfahOld Arabic name
HumaydDiminutive of Ahmad, Praised
HumaylA companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name
HumayunAuspicious, Fortunate, name of Mughal Emperor
HurayraReddish, Name of famous Sahabi Abu-Hurayra R.A
HuraysA small cultivator
HurmatChastity, Sacred
HussainDiminutive of Hasan, Beautiful, Imam Hussain
HusamuddawlahSword of the state
HusamuddinSword of religion (Islam)
HusaynIn protection, Security
HuzaifaAn old Arabic name, Short-statured
HuzaylBin Shurah bil had this name

Muslim baby boy names beginning with i

Muslim boy names starting with I are here, these names are having their meaning next to it. These names with meanings are following.

islamic names for boy starting with i
Islamic names for a boy starting with I
IbrahimKind father, A Prophet name
IbtisamSmiling, Smile
IdrakIntellect, Perception, Achievement, attainment
IfrazHeight, Altitude, Elevation
IftikharHonour, Grace, Glory
Ibn SinaThe great physician
Iftikhar-ud-DinPride of the religion (Islam)
Iftikharus SadatPride of the chiefs
Ihsanul HaqThe kindness of the Truth (Allah)
IhtiraamHonour, Hold in honour
IhtishamHaving many followers or dependents, magnificence
IjazMiracle, Astonishment, wondrous nature
Ijazul HaqInimitability of the Truth (Allah)
IjlalGlorification, Exaltation, Honesty
IkhlasSincerity, Purity
IkhtiyarChoice, Preference, selection
IkramHonouring, Glory, Esteem, Respect
Ikam-ul-HaqGlory of the Truth (Allah)
IkramullahGlory of Allah
IkrimaA female pigeon
Ilahi BakhshGift of Allah
IlhamInspiration, Revelation
IltimasRequest, Appeal
IlyasA Prophet, the biblical Elias
ImaadSupport, Pillar
ImaduddinPillar of the faith (Islam)
ImamLeader, Chief
ImdadHelp aid, Support
ImranPopulation, Civilization, Careful observance of rules of etiquette.
ImtiazDistinction, Privilege, Mark of honour
InamGift, Present, Prize, Reward
Inamul HaqGift of Truth (Allah)
InayatCare, Concern, Favour
InayatuddinCare of religion (Islam)
InayatullahCare of Allah
Inayatur RahmanCare of the Most Gracious (Allah)
InsafJustice, Impartiality
InsarHelper, Supporter
InshaFamous poet, Writing, Essay
IntezarTo wait
IntisarVictory, Triumph
InzamamTo unite, to get together
IqbalProsperity, Good fortune
IqtidarPower, Office, Authority
IrfanKnowledge, Learning, Discernment
IrshadGuidance, Instruction
Irtiza HussainApproval of Husain
IsadMaking happy or Prosperous, Blessing
Isfand YarCourageous, brave, Number 1
IshaqOne who laughs
IshfaqCompassion, Sympathy, Pity
IshratSociety, Familiar and pleasant talk
IshtiyaqFondness, Wish, Desire, Eagerness
IskandarName of a Greek king, Alexander
IslahReform, Improvement, Betterment
IsmailA Prophet, Son of Prophet of Ibrahim
IsmatPurity, Chastity, Modesty
IsrafilAngel who will blow the Trumpet
IsrailAnother name of Prophet Yaqub
IsrarSecret, Mystery
ItbanCensured, Blamed
ItidalModeration, Clemency
ItimadReliance, Dependence, Confidence
ItsafThe one who praises
IyadSupport, Might, Strenght
IzazHonour, Esteem, Regard
IzazuddawlahThe honour of the state
IzumObedient, Sincere
IzzPower, Might, Honour
IzzaddinThe honour of the religion (Islam)

Modern Muslim Boy names starting with J

Modern Muslim boy names starting with j are here, these are the baby boy Islamic names with j.

baby boy Islamic names with j
Islamic boy names with j
JaanSoul, Life
JabanSoft hearted, tenderness of heart
JabbarPowerful, mighty
JabirConsoler, Restorer
JadwalBrook, Rivulet
JafarSpring, rivulet
JafriYellow Flower
JahangirWorld conqueror, Global, king
JahanzebBeautiful, Charming
JaheerHandsome man, High sound
JahidDiligent, Hardworking, Striving
JaishExcellent, Of high quality, Pure
JalalMajesty, Grandeur, Glory
Jalal-ud-Dinthe majesty of religion (Islam)
JaleedPowerful, Patient
JaleesA companion, A fast friend, Comrade
JalilGreat, exalted, magnificent
JamalBeauty, Grace
JinnahGlorious, Splendid, دست و بازو
JiyadVery good; there is also a mountain in Makkah by this name.
Jamal-du-DinThe beauty of the religion (Islam)
JamiCollector, author, Writer
JamilHandsome, Attractive, impressive
JamshedThe sun in Pisces
Jan MuhammadLife of Muhammad
Jan-e-AlamLife of the world
JananHeart, Paradise, Heaven, Beloved
JanasheenSuccessor, vicegerent
Janat GulParadise Flower
JandarahName of a Sahabi RA
JareedHawk, Messenger, Herald
JareerCorpulent, A distinguished companion
JariBold, Courageous, Brave
JarrarVery Brave
JarullahNeighbour of Allah
JubairName of a Sahabi, who participated in the battle of Badr, Old Arabic name
JumahBorn on Friday
JummalA thick rope, A rope with which a boat is anchored
JunaidSoldier, Warrior

Modern muslim boy names starting with K

Modern Muslim boy names starting with k are here also Islamic names starting with Kh.

Modern muslim names staring with kh
Modern Muslim names starting with k
KhalilullahFriend of Allah, An epithet of Prophet Ibrahim
KhalisPure, True, clear, Real
KhanLeader, Ruler, Ameer
KhaqanGreat King
KhashiDevout, Pious
KhasibFruitful, Prolific
KhatibSuitor, Matchmaker
KhatirHeart, Idea
KhawarEast/West Vacant
KhayalImagination, Concentration
KhayrGoodness, Healthy, Safe
KhayriBenevolent, Charitable, Beneficent
KhirashScratching, Scraping, Name of a companion, ibn Abdullah
KhizarName of the Prophet.
Khoda DaadGod-given, God Gifted
KhogSweet / Cute
KhubaybA fast walker
Khuda BakhshGift of Khuda (Allah)
KhulaydAbiding, A companion of the Prophet PBUH
KhuludImmortality, Eternity
KhunaysHidden; Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
KhuraymIbn Fatik had this name
KhurramCheerful, Glad, Fresh
Khush BakhtFortunate, of good fortune
KhushdilHappy heart
KhuzaymaOld Arabic name
KhuzaymahOld Arabic name
KhuwajaLeader, King, Ruler, Chief
KhwazunMovement / Moving
KhayberFamous Pass
KibriaDivine majesty, Divine grandeur
KifahStruggle, Fight
KifatLion, Cheetah, tiger
KishwarA country, Region
KohinoorThe mountain of light, Name of a precious stone
KuraybIbn Abi Muslim al Hashami had this name.

Muslim boy names starting with L

List of unique Muslim boy names starting with L;

muslim boy names starting with l
Muslim boy names starting with L

Muslim boys names with M

List of muslim boys names starting with m, modern islamic names for boys list.

muslim boys names with m
Muslim boys names with m
MaqeemResident, Staying
MaqsoodIntended, Aimed at
MaramWish, Desire, Aspiration
MaraqabRanks, Praises
MarghoobDesired, Desirable, Pleasant
MaroofFavour, Kindness, Kind act, famous
MarwanAn ancient Arab name
MarzooqBlessed, Fortunate, Prosperous, Successful
MaseehOne who is blessed with piety from the cradle to the grave
MashalLight, Lamp
MashhoodWitnessed, Present, Manifest, the day of judgment
MashkoorThe person to whom one is indebted.
MasirDestiny, Goal
MasoodProsperous, Happy, Dutiful
MasoomInnocent, Sinless, Infallible, protected
MasroorHappy Person, Joyful
MasunGuarded, well-protected
MatinStrong, Powerful, Solid
MatloobDesired, Required, Sought after
MawahibGift, Talent
MawdoodBeloved, Attached
MawhoobGifted, talented, endowed
MawlaHelper, Protector
MawsilName of a Hanafi Jurist of Iraq (Ibn Mawsil)
MazharManifestation, Expression, Outlook
MazidIncrease, Excess, More
MazinProper name
MazkoorRelated, Said of
MeerabParadise flower
MehdInstructor, Haadi, one of the names of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
MehranThe old name of a river Sindh, Name of a king
MehtabThe Moon
MifzalThe great and blessed person
MimarMason, Architect
MinhajMethod, System, way
MinnahKindness, Grace, Blessing
MiqdamIn the forefront of the battle, very bold, undaunted
MirPrince, Governor, Leader
Mir JahaanKing of the world
Mir WaisHome lord
MirajPlace of ascent
MirsabPrudent, Wise,
MirzaSon of a prince, Honorific title
MisamSmiling, Happy
MisaqAgreement, Covenant, Contact, Pact
MisbahLamp, LanternMisbahuddinLamp of the religion
MiskeenPoorMiyazYoung fox
MizanBalance, ScalesMizanur RahmanBalance of the most merciful
MohidThe one who believes in oneness of Allah AlmightyMohsinBenevolent, Benefactor, charitable, Humanitarian
MoinFountain, SpringMoizOne who gives protection
MotabirTrusted, AccomplishedMuammarAntiquated, Long-lived
MuawinAssistant, Helper, SupporterMuayyadSupported, championed
MuazProtectedMubajjalGlorified, Exalted, Greatly
MubarakBlessed, FortunateMubarezArmy man, Fighter
MubashirBringer of good newsMubassirObserver
MubinClear, DistinctMubtasinSmiling
MudabbirPlanner, DesignerMuddassirWrapped in, Enveloped
MudrikPerceptive, IntelligentMueenHelper, Assistant
MueezA person who gives shelterMufaadProfit, Interest
MufakharGlorious, ExaltedMufakkirThinker
MufallahOne who ProspersMufazzalPreferred, Chosen, Favoured
MufidBeneficial, UsefulMufizGiver
MuflihOne who succeedsMughisHelper, Assistant
MuhaddasCompiler of hadithMuhafizPreserver, Custodian
Muhafiz-ud-DinPreserver of the religionMuhajirEmigrant
MuhammadPraised, Lauded, Commended, PraiseworthyMuhannadSword,
MuhazzabPolite, CourteousMuhdeeOne who presents
MuhibLoving, Affectionate, friendMuhabibuddinFriend of the religion
MuhibullahFriend of AllahMuhitEncompassing, Ocean
MuhiyuddinReviver of the religionMuhrizObtainer, Winner
MuhtadiRightly guidedMuhtashimDecent, Modest, Chaste
MuhyiReviverMuinuddinHelper of the religion
Muinul IslamSupporter of IslamMuizzStrengthens
MuizzuddawlahHe who renders the state mightyMuizzuddinOne who strengthens the religion (Islam)
MujaddidOne who renews,MujahidOne who struggles, Strives
MujammilAdorner, BeautifierMujibReplier, Answer
MujirProtector, DefenderMujtabaChosen, Selected, Elected
MujtahidDiligent, HardworkingMukafihFreedom fighter
MukammilPerfecting, CompletingMukarramHonoured, Revered
MukhalladImmortalMukhlisSincere, Honest
MukhtarSelected, ChosenMukhtarul HaqChosen by the Truth(Allah)
MuktafiSatisfied, ContendedMulhamInspired
MulkKingdom, SovereigntyMuminBeliever(in Islam), Pious
MumtazDistinguished, SuperiorMunadilFighter, Defender
MunafExalted, InconsistentMunaimBenevolent kind
MunasirHelper, ProtectorMunawarIlluminated, Brilliant
MunibOne who turns to Allah seeking His pardon.MunifEminent, Exalted, Superior
MunirSplendid, ShiningMuniruzzamanBrilliant of the age.
MunisSociable, FriendlyMunjidHelper, Supporter
MunnaStrength, Power, VigourMunaqadOne who is led, Obedient
MunqizSaviour, Rescuer, DelivererMunsifJust, Fair, Righteous
MuntaqimThe AvengerMuntasirVictorious, Triumphant
MunzirWarner, CautionerMuqarrabIntimate companion
MuqbilFollowing, nextMuqeetProvider, the Naourisher
MuqlaEye, EyeballMuqsitImpartial, Allah’s attribute
MuqtadiFollowerMuqtadirAble, Powerful, mighty
MuqtasidFrugal, ThriftyMurabbiPatron, Superior, Guardian
MuradIntention, DesireMurarahBitterness, Innermost
MursalMessenger, AmbassadorMursaleenMessenger, Ambassador
MurshidLeader, Guide, AdviserMurtaadAscetical
MurtaazDisciplinedMurtazaChosen, Approved
MusaThe Prophet MosesMusadFortunate, Lucky
MusaddiqOne who accepts another’s word as truth.MusaidHelper, Assistant, Supporter
MusawwirShaper, FashionerMusharrafHonoured, Exalted
MushfiqKind, Tender, FearfulMushfiqKind, Tender, Fearful
MushirCounsellor, AdvisorMushir-ul-HaqCounsellor of the Truth
MushtaqLonging, Desiring, EagerMusirProsperous, Affluent, Rich
MuslehReformer, PeacemakerMuslihuddinReformer of the religion
MuslimFollower of the religion of IslamMustaeenOne who asks the help or aid or assistance.
MustafaChosen, Selected, PreferredMustafeedProfiting, Gainful
MustafizProfiting, One who is desirous of gaining,MustahfizGuardian, Protector
MustahsanCommendableMustajabOne who is heard.
MustaliHigh, Elevated, SuperiorMustamsikComposed, Calm of mind
MustaneerBrilliantMustanjidOne who implores for help
MustansirOne who asks for helpMustaqimStraight, Upright
MustarshidOne who seeks directionMustasimHe who holds fast
MustatabGood, DelectableMustazhirOne who knows by heart.
MustaziOne who seeks light, AdviceMutaObeyed
MutadPrepared, ReadyMutahharPure, Clean, Purified
MutaliExalted, SupremeMutamadTrustworthy, Reliable
MutamakanAccomplished, PerfectMutamidOne who relies upon Allah
MutaminOne who entrusts his affairs to the management of another.MutammimPerfecting, Completing
MutaqidA confident, faithful friendMutawakkilOne who puts his trust (in Allah)
MutawalliEntrustedMutawassitMediator, umpire
MutayyibFragrantMutazidPetitioner of Justice.
MutazzMighty, Proud, PowerfulMuteeObedient, Pious, Devoted
Mutiul IslamObedient (follower) of IslamMutiur RahmanObedient (Servant) of the most gracious i.e. Allah
MutlaqFree, Unlimited, UnrestrictedMuttalibSeeker
MuttaqiGod-fearing, Pious, ReligiousMuwaffiqSuccessful, Prosperous
MuyassarFortunate, FacilitatedMuzaffarVictorious, Conqueror.
MuzaffaruddinVictorious of the religionMuzahirProtector, Defender
MuzahiruddinDefender of religion(Islam)MuzakkirReminder, Warner
MuzammilOne who is enwrapped in garments.MahmoodPraised, Commendable, Praiseworthy.

Muslim boy names starting with N

List of Muslim boy names starting with n, Islamic names for boys starting with n with meaning.

muslim boy names starting with n
Muslim boy names starting with n
NajiSaved, Liberated, SafeNajibExcellent, Noble, Praiseworthy
Najib-ud-DinDistinguished (Person) of religionNajibullahDistinguished (Servant) of Allah
NajidOne who helps, SupportsNajihSuccessful, Prosperous
NajillahSaved by AllahNajiullahIntimate friend of Allah
NajjarCarpenterNajjiIntimate friend
NajmStar, PlanetNajmuddawlahStar of the stats
NajmuddinStar of the religion (Islam)NamdarRenowned, Famous
NameerPure, Clear, HealthyNamirLeopard, tiger
NamoodSample, Model, ParagonNangialHonourable
NaqiPure, CleanNaqibPresent, Head
NaqidA critic, A reviewerNaqqashArtist
NasarHelp, SupportNaseemGentle wind, Fresh air
Naseer / NasirHelper, protectorNaseeruddinDefender of religion(Islam)
NashatJoy, CheerNasheetEnergetic, Dynamic
NashirOne who publishesNashwanElated, exalted, Exuberant
NasibNoble, HighbornNasifJust
NasihAdviser, CounselorNasihuddinCounsellor of the religion
NasimFresh airNasim-ul-HaqA breeze of the truth i.e Allah
NasruddinThe victory of the religion (Islam)NasriWinner of victory after victory
NasrullahHelp of AllahNatiqEndowed with speech
NaumanFlower Beds, NaushadHappy
NaveedHappy tidings, Good newsNawabBarron, Ruler
NawafHigh, LoftyNawazOne who caresses, Soothes
NawfalGenerousNayyarBright Star
NazakatDelicacyNazarA promise made to God
NazeefPure, Clean, InnocentNazeerWarner, equal to
NazerBright, Radiant, BloomingNazihPure, Virtuous, Honest
NazimOrganizer, ArrangerNazimuddinThe organizer of the religion
NematBlessing, BoonNiazDependence
NiaziPetitioner, An Afghan tribeNibrasLamp, light
NihalProsperousNiharDawn, Morning
NimatullahBlessing of AlllahNisarTo strew, to sacrifice
NishatMirth, EcstacyNizalStriving, Content
NizamOrder, RulerNizam-ul-MulkThe organization of the kingdom
NizamatArrangementNizamuddinDiscipline of religion
NizzarKeen-eyedNokhezNewly bloomed, arising
NomanMen with all blessing of AllahNoohName of Prophet of Allah
Noor MuhammadLight of th Prophet MuhammadNooriLight, Luminous
NooruddinLight of the religion(Islam)Noorul AbsarLight of vision
Noorul AynLight of the eyeNoor HaqLight of the truth (Allah)
Noorul HudaLight of the right guidance (of Allah)NoorullahLight of Allah
Nooruz ZamanLight of the eraNufailGracious
NusratHelp, Assistance, SupportNusratuddinThe help of the religion (Islam)
NuzayhPure, Chaste

Muslim Boy names starting with O

A list of Muslim boy names starting with o with meaning is here.

muslim boy names starting with o
Muslim boy names starting with o
OsmanServant of GodOrhanMeek in spirit or manner.
OwaisFearless, Experienced PersonOmarLong live
OmairProblem solverOmranSolid Structure
OmidHopefulOsmarDivinely glorious
OmariFlourishing, ThrivingOmeroSecurity, Pledge

Muslim boy names starting with P

A list of Muslim boy names starting with p is here, know a day’s parents are looking for some unique names for their Muslim baby boy names with some beautiful meanings. There are some beautiful and amazing unique names starting with p that are listed here!

muslim boy names starting with p
Muslim boy names starting with p
PamirMountain Range, Helper
PatangButterfly, Kite
PaywastunConnection, Someone who connects
PervaizFortunate, Victorious, Happy
PirSaint, Spiritual guide, Wise
PordalHighly social-able, fun-loving and enjoys life, creative
PurdilBrave, Fearless

Muslim baby boy names starting with Q

Some beautiful muslim baby boy names stating with q with meanings;

See also  Boy names that start with g
QaanitSatisfied, ContentedQabeelFamous son of Adam
QaboolAccepted, AppreciatedQadeerAble, Powerful, Mighty
QahirConqueror, SubduerQaidLeader, Commander
QaimUpright, IndependentQaisMeasure, Firm, Example
QaiserCaesarQalandarOne who lives in solitude
QamarThe moonQamaruddinMoon of the religion
QaniContent, SatisfiedQanitObedient, Humble
QasidMessenger, CourierQasidul HaqCourier of the Truth
QasimDistributor, DividerQatadahAstragals, a hardwood tree
QatawahA companionQawiStrong, Powerful
QayyumEternal, EverlastingQazafiOne who lives in a vast forest
QaziJudge, JusticeQismatFate, Destiny
QiwamSupportQiwamuddinSupport of the religion
QudamahA companion of the Prophet.QuddoosHoly, Most, Pure
QudratPower, Might, StrengthQudratullahPower of Allah
QudsiHoly, SacredQudwaModel, example
QurbanSacrificeQureshiAttributed to Quraish
QutaibaIrritable, impatientQutbLeader, Chief, Pivot
QutbahA companion of the ProphetQutbuddinLeader of the religion (Islam)

Muslim boy names starting with R

List of Muslim baby boy names starting with r with meaning, beautiful names beginning with R;

muslim boy names starting with R
Muslim boy names starting with R
RabitFastening, BindingRabihWinner, Gainer
RaemOne who has a desire.RafanBeautiful, Graceful
RafaqatFriendship, ClosenessRafazWays, Paths, Pieces
RafiHigh, Ranking, EminentRafi-ud-DinNoble(Person) of the religion
RafidTributary stream, AffluentRafifGlittering, Shining
RafiqAssociate, Intimate friendRafiqul IslamFriend of Islam
RagheedComfort, AffluenceRaghibWilling, Desirous
RahamMercifulRaham Dil Merciful Heart
RahatRest, ReposeRahbarLeader, Guide
RaheebMerciful, KindRaheelTo move for a journey
RahimKind, Generous, NiceRahmanMost Gracious, One of the names of Allah.
RahmatSympathy, MercyRahmatullahMercy of Allah
RaiGuardian, CustodianRaidPioneer, explorer, Leader
RaiqPure, ClearRaisLeader, Cheif
RaisuddinLeader of the religion (Islam)RajaHope, Wish
Raja-Al-KarimThe hope of the KindRajabA month of the Islamic calendar
RajeelOne who walks too muchRajiHopeful, full of hope
RakhshanDazzling, ShiningRamadanThe Islamic month of fasting
RamishSong, PeaceRamizOne who indicate by sings
Ramiz-ud-DinOne who indicates by signs of the religion (Islam)RamziThe man who keeps secrets
RanaA flower, Happy, CleverRaqibObserver, Guard
RaqimWriterRaseemOne who designs
RaseenCalm, ComposedRashaadTo lead a righteous life
RashdanGuidanceRasheedWise, Prudent, Judicious
Raseed-ud-DinWise(person) of the faith (Islam)Rashid-ud-DinRightly-guided(person) of the religion (Islam)
RashiqGraceful, ElegantRasikhWell-established
RasilMessengerRasimPlanner, Designer
RasmiFormal, OfficialRasulMessenger of Allah
RatibArrangerRaufMerciful, Kind
RawahahDeparture, FragranceRayhanSweet basil
RayyanDoor of HeavenRazaDesire, Wish, Assent
RazanBalanced & ModestyRazeenSober-Minded, Sedate
RaziSatisfied, ContendedRazi-Ur-RahmanThe pleasure of the Beneficent
RazinCalm, ComposedRazzaqProvider
RezaContentment, PleasureRezaul KarimSatisfaction of the Most Generous (Allah)
RihabVastnessRiyasatRule, Dominion
RizqLivelihood, SubsistenceRizq AllahLivelihood from Allah
RizwanSatisfaction, HappinessRohabWho keeps one’s promise
RonaqLustreRoohSpirit, Soul
Roohul AminSpirit of the faithful, reliableRoohullahSpirit of Allah
RoshanBright, Shining, ClearRozaMeadow, Paradise
Ruhul HaqSpirit of the truthRuhul QudusSpirit of the Holy
RukhamWhitestone, MarbleRuknud DinPillar of the religion (Islam)
RumanPomegranateRushdRight guidance
RuwayfeHigh, Superior, ExaltedRuwwadExplorers, Leaders, Models

Islamic names for boys starting with S

A beautiful name for boys, this is the list of Islamic names for boys starting with s;

islamic names for boys starting with s
Islamic names for boys starting with s
NameMeanings Name Meanings
ShafiAttributiveShafinHe who cures
ShafiqAffectionate, Kind-heartedShafqatCompassion, Pity
ShahKing, EmperorShah AlamKing of the world
Shah JahanKing of the worldShah NawazFriend of king
ShahabBright red colourShahadatTestimony, Evidence
Shahan ShahKing of kingsShahbazRoyal falcon, Generous
ShaheenRoyal, White falconShaheerWell-known
ShahidWitness, AngleShahiqHIgh, towering, Lofty
ShahirFamous, EminentShahmeerBeauty
ShahrozBright FaceShahrukhConcerning monarchy
ShahwarVery preciousShahzadPrince, Song of king
ShahzadaPrinceShahzaibCrown of a king
ShahzarKing of goldShahzorePowerful, Forceful
ShaibaanGreyness, SenilityShaikhAn experienced man, Chief
Shaikhul IslamLeader of IslamShaiqHopeful, Wisher, Lover
ShajanLong, LengthyShajiCourageous, Bold, Brave
Shakeeb / ShakibPatienceShakilWell-formed, Handsome
ShakirThankful, GratefulShakurThankful, Most grateful
ShamilNear, Close, PartnerShammasA companion of the Prophet PBUH,
ShamsThe sunShamus-ud-DinSon of the religion (Islam)
Shams-ul-HaqThe sun of truthShamshadLong, Beautiful Tree
ShamsheerSwordShamsuzzamanSun of the age
ShanDignity, SplenderShanawarInformed, Knowing, aware of
ShaoorWisdom, DecorumShaqeeqReal, part, brother, piece
SharafNobility, High rankSharafatHonour, Nobleness
SharafuddinThe honour of the religionSharaheelHe was a narrator of Hadith
ShareehA companionShareekAssociate
ShariatDivine law, Islamic LawShariatullahThe divine law of Allah
SharifNoble, HonourableSharifuddinNoble(person) of the religion
SharimFast, QuickShariqRadiant, Bright
ShaukatPower, Dignity, GrandeurShaukeenDesired
ShawaizSpeak melodiouslyShayaanDesirable, Intelligent
ShayalHardworking, DiligentShaybanGrey-haired, Old
ShazainBrave, SkillfulShazilRoyalty, Beauty
Sheesthe name of a ProphetShehrozeKing of Roses
ShehryarFriend of the citySher DilLion Heart
SherafganPowerful, One who defeats a lionSherazName of a prince who founded a Persian city Sheraz
SherinVery sweetShibliMawlana Shibli Numani was a great Scholar and writer
ShifaCureShihabFlame, Meteor, Star
Shihab Al-DinStar of the FaithShihabuddinMeteor of the religion
Shin GulGreen / Blue FlowerShindi GulOne who spreads flowers
ShoaibA Prophet NameShuboolLion cubs
ShuhratFame, RenownShujaCourageous, Bold, Brave
ShujaatCourage, Bravery, ValourShujauddinBrave(Person) of the religion
ShuqranBlondness, FairShuraymSplit, Cleavage
SibghatullahColour of AllahSiddiqueFriend, Companion
SiddiqullahThe truthful to AllahSiffatPraise
SilahArms, Armour, WeaponsSilahuddinArmour of the religion
SilanA diamond, Part of Sword which is sheathedSinanuddinSpear of the religion (Islam)
SilmPeaceSirajLamp, Light, The sun
Sirajud DawlahLamp of the stateSirajuddinLamp of the religion (Islam)
SiwarBracelet, Arm-ringSiyafSword player, Swordsman
SnoberA cone-bearing treeSohailGentle, Ease
SohrabChampion, Name of a Persian WarriorSomoodSteadfastness, Firmness, Endurance
SoubanA companionSpinzarWhite Gold
SubaihBeautifulSubayahHansome, Comely
SubboohExtremely pureSubhanPraise, Glory
SubhiPertaining to morningSufiA mystic
SufianShipbuilder, Famous Sahabi Abu SufianSuhaanVery good
SuhaibOf reddish hair or complexionSuhailCanopus, the second brightest star in the sky
SuhrabSon of the Iranian epic hero RustamSulaimanA Prophet, Son of Prophet Dawood
SulaykTraveller, WalkerSulaytDominant, Strong
SultanKing, Emperor, RulerSumamahMillet (Plant)
SuwaydBlackSwabTrue, Right

Muslim boy names with T

List of Unique Turkish Muslim boy names, these are the modern Islamic baby boy names 2022 starting with t.

Muslim boy names starting with t
Islamic names for boys with T
TalalBeing Pleasant, AdmirableTalatAppearance, Countenance
TalhaName of a Sahabi (R.A)TalibStudent, Seeker, Pursuer
TalimEducation, InstructionTalishGlittering, Bright
TalootCommander of Banu-Israel ArmyTalumBe sympathetic
TamimGeneralizationTamirRish or abounding in dates
TamizDistinction, DiscriminationTamiz-Ud-DinA distinction of the religion
TamjidPraise, GlorificationTamkeenDignity, Gravity
TanimWave of seaTanveerRays of light
TanweelBestow upon, GiveTanzeemOrganization, Method
TanzilRevelationTanzilur RahmanThe revelation of the merciful (Allah)
TaqaddamReverance, SanctityTaqiGod-fearing, Devout
TarazOrnamentation, DecorationTareefPraise, Hymn of God
TareeqWay, Mode, mannerTariqNocturnal visitor
TaroonConnectionTarubLively, Gleeful, Merry
TasadduqBeneficence, BenevolenceTasawwarIdea, Conception
TaseelStrong, PowerTaseenA name of the Prophet PBUH
TaseerAn effect, ImpressionTahbeedAdolescence, youth
TaslimGreeting, SalutationTasmeemStrong
TasneemA heavenly fountainTasninA heavenly fountain
Tawasname of a Bird, PeacockTawfiqProsperity, Good luck
TawhidBelief in the unity of AllahTawqirHonour, Great respect
TawseefPraiseTaymullahServant of God
TaymurBrave StrongTaysirFacilitation
TayyabClean, KhushbooTayyibGood-natured, Generous
TazamBe superior or elderTazimGlorification, Honour
Tazim-Ud-DinGlorification of the religion (Islam)TihamiA title of the Prophet PBUH
TariqStrength, Force, OccupationTolwakAuthority of everyone
ToryalSword FighterTufailIntercession, Mediation
TulaibName of a SahabiTurabSoil, Dust

Muslim boy names with meaning starting with U

A beautiful simple list of cute Muslim boy names with meaning starting with U is as follows.

Muslim boy names with meaning starting with U
Muslim boy names with meaning starting with U

Muslim Baby Boy Names starting With W

Muslim baby boy names with meaning starting with ‘W’; here are the complete list of beautiful guy names.

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WaaliThe Governor, He who direct;WaarithA master, A successor
WaaseyCapacious, WideWadaanProsperous
WaddoodFriend, Companion, BelovedWadiCalm, Peaceful
WafaFaithfulness, FidelityWafadarFaithful
WafaqatFriendship, ClosenessWafiTrue, Trustworthy
WafiqCompanion, SuccessfulWahajVery sparking, Very bright
WahbDonation, GiftWahdatUnity, Oneness
WaheedUnique, MatchlessWahhabDonor, Grantor
WahhajShining, illuminatedWahibForgiver, Tolerant
WahidOne, Unique, MatchlessWahiduzzamanunique(person) of the age
WaizAdmonisher, PreacherWajahatComely, Dignity
WajdanEcstacy, Mirth, DevotionWajidFinder, Lover
WajihNoble, HonouredWakalatAdvocacy
Wakdarman of AuthorityWakilAdvocate, Counselor
WaleedNewborn ChildWaliprince, Guardian
WaliSaintWali UddinSupporter of the faith
WalifBefriendingWaliullahFriend of Allah
WamaqLover, ParamourWaqarMajesty, Veneration
WaqasA companion, WarlikeWaqfSpared for welfare
WaqifAcquainted, AwareWaqqadShap-minded, Wise
WardBlossoms, FlowersWaridArriving, Descending
WarisInheritor, SuccessorWarqaTo do with paper, Leaf
WasamMedal, Prize,WaseefPage, Valet(domestic) servant
WaseemGraceful, HandsomWaseeqSolid, Strong, Secure
WaseyBroad-minded, LiberalWasifEulogize, Praise Highly
WasilIncoming, ArrivingWasimHandsome, Beautiful
WasiqConfident, Sure, CertainWazirMinister, Vizer
WilanFriendship, AffectionWilayatCustody, Guardianship
WohaybSomething bestowed

Muslim baby boy names starting from Y

Some of the beautiful and amazing list of Muslim baby boy names starting with Y with meanings are here;

Muslim baby boy names starting from Y
Muslim baby boy names starting from Y

Muslim boy names starting with z

Beautiful names of the Muslim baby boy names starting with z with meaning, here is the list of amazing boy names starting with z;

ZahilCalmZahirApparent, Evident, Proud
ZahoorExpressionZaidAbundance, Increase
ZaidanGrowth, ExcessZaighamLion
ZaimLeader, ChiefZaimuddinLeader of the religion(Islam)
ZainBeautiful, GraceZairPilgrim
Zainul AbidinOrnament of the worshippers (Of Allah)ZainuddinThe grace of the religion(Islam)
ZakariyaA ProphetZakawanNarrator of hadith
ZakiPious, cleanZakirRemembering, Grateful
ZakiuddinPure(person) of the religionZakoorNarrator, Speaker
ZalandBright, FeminineZalmayYoung
ZaloolObedient, SubmissiveZamamHonour, Right, Share
ZamaarBravery, ValourZamanTime, Age, Era
Zaman ShahKing of the sageZamiruddinHeart of the religion(Islam)
ZamiHelper, SupporterZamilCompanion, Friend
ZaminOne who stands surety for another one who helpsZamirHeart, Mind, Conscience
ZamuradA green precious stoneZar GulGold Flower
ZaraanFlow of riverZarakGold
ZaramOne in ThousandZarangClever
ZararFastZarayObedient, Submissive
ZarbatGold LampZardabGold Water
ZarfWisdom, Calibre, RankZargarGoldsmith
ZarifElegant, Witty, GracefulZarkanayGold Stone
ZarleshBorder made of goldZarmastZar-Gold, Mast-Excitement
ZarrarBrave, CourageousZaryabRich, Wealthy
ZaviyarBraveZawaadMan of self-respect, Noble
ZawarThe visitor of a shrineZayaamHonour, Right, Place
ZayanBeauty, PrettinessZaydanGrowth and increase
ZaytoonOliveZebBeauty, Decoration
Zee ShahRespectedZeebaqMercury, Silver
ZeeshanPompous (شاندار)ZhobinKind of spear
ZiaLight, Glow, IlluminationZiarLaborious
ZairmalHard workerZiauddinLight of the religion
Ziaul HaqLight of the Truth (Allah)Ziaur RahmanLight of the Most Gracious
ZillShadow, ShadeZillullahShadow of Allah
Zillur RahmanShadow of the MercifulZiyaamRespect, Right
ZiyadIncrease, AdditionZiyadaPlenty, Addition
ZiyadatullahSurplus bestowed by AllahZmarakLittle Lion
ZohoorAppearance, OstentationZohoorul BariAn ostentation of the Creator
ZubaidCream, ButterZubairSmall piece of iron, A brave and wise person
ZufarLion, A brave personZufishanBright
ZuhairSmall flowerZuhoorFame, Splendour
ZukaThe sun, MorningZukauddinSun of the religion(Islam)
ZukaullahSun of AllahZukaur RahmanSun of Rahman (Allah)
Zul KifiA Prophet of AllahZul QarnaynOwner of the two horns; World conqueror
ZulfaqarName of a sword presented to Ali (R.A) by MuhammadZulfatFriendship, Nearness, Status
ZulfiHandle of a swordZunnoon‘Lord of the fish’, an epithet of Prophet Yunus.
ZushimalainName of a Sahabi RAZutiName of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.
Arabic names for boys starting with z
Arabic names for boys starting with z
I want Turkish Muslim boy names?

Hey! I have beautiful Turkish Muslim boy names starting from A to Z letter here. Hope you will find a beautiful name like your cute guy.

Arabic boy names starting with Abdul?

In Arabic, there are thousands of names starting with a letter, Which I have mentioned already. However, Arabic/Islamic names for a man starting with Abdul are also listed here.



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